Who we are


We are an agrarian cooperative of small high Andean farmers that since 2008 have produced our own line of organic snacks, which include native potato chips with red and blue pigmentation, fried corn, dehydrated golden berry, corn nachos and fresh Andean tubers; with the purpose of providing quality healthy products.


Our productivity range is between 3,700 to 4,200 meters above sea level in 17 rural communities in the district of Pazos-Tayacaja and the district of Castrovirreyna - Castrovirreyna in the Huancavelica region. And the snack processing plant is located in the district of Sapallanga - Huancayo - Junín.

Our awards


Ambassadors of the Sapallanga brand awarded by the district municipality of Sapallanga - Huancayo 2022


Quality management 2021, by PROMPERU in recognition of our contribution to the growth of exports in the region, improvement of our business management and innovation of the exportable offer, promoting the internationalization of companies in the agribusiness sector.


Diploma in recognition of our performance in the sustainable agricultural production process, focused on family farming, which promotes and contributes to the economic development of the country, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, 2019.


3rd place in Export Competitiveness awarded by PROMPERU and DIRCETUR, 2016.


“Golden Archess 2010” prize for innovation awarded in Belgium for native organic potato chips.