Our snack products are made with certified organic and healthy ingredients; because it is a DIFFERENT snack, for being a healthy eating option.

Today, after almost more than a decade, we can only tell you that our sustainability is found in our organic production, in the human capital of the cooperative, in innovation, in marketing and commercial management with social responsibility towards our land and environment.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO STRENGTHENING THE SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEM, our priority is the food security of our partners and environment, we carry out clean and healthy production with organic inputs and with crop diversification that allows us to have food and access to it.

WE COMPLY WITH THE FAIR TRADE CERTIFICATION, guarantee sustainable production, protect the rights of our workers, not child exploitation, strengthen gender equality and FAIR PRICES.

WE HAVE ORGANIC CERTIFICATION, which allows our native potato production, processing and marketing system to meet the standards according to organic standards for different destinations: national or export.

Organic Certification under CE8Europe), NOP (United States) and Naturland (Germany), Khosser (Israel) and Naturland – SPP (Fair Trade) standards


In this competitive and changing world, alliances are important to achieve competitive advantages that allow us to strengthen and empower our organization and human capital.