Our Commercial Growth

Our export history

During the first years Agropia was dedicated to the production of native potatoes, however, recognizing the benefits of these native potatoes with red and blue pigmentation, with the cooperation of ETIQUABLE added value was given as native potato chips, for later export. to France; where maquila services were initially required. With the support of AGROIDEAS, the food processing plant was built and implemented with its snack production line, we currently offer our products to Europe and the US, and recently entered Israel and expanded our market in the US through Inkamazon and Goya Inc.

Markets where we arrive


Through ETHIQUABLE to the countries of France, Belgium, Germany and Spain

Through Welt Partner to the countries of Germany and Austria

North America

Through Missio and Organic America to the US.

New markets:

Asia: Israel

North America:

Through Inkamazon – Goya Inc.

Our products will be consumed in Israel and the United States through Inkamazon – Goya.